Dedicated Indiana Attorney Represents Individuals Who Have Sustained Brain, Spinal, Catastrophic Injury, and Wrongful Death

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When you are injured due to the fault of another person or corporation, retaining a qualified attorney can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. 

Since 1992, Daniel S. Chamberlain, P.C., based in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been advocating for Indiana accident victims who suffer from concussions, paralysis, and other types of traumatic brain and spinal injuries. Those afflicted with these injuries may contend with a long recovery, income loss, and overwhelming medical expenses. With almost 30 years of experience, I will strive to get you a recovery amount that reflects your injuries' true extent. Dan’s mobile telephone number, 317-549-5454, is available for those clients and future clients that need an immediate response to critical legal issues. 

Accomplished legal counsel for individuals across the Hoosier State 

Dan has repeatedly been awarded as a Top 50 lawyer, Best Lawyer, and 20-year Superlawyer.  My office handles various cases where victims suffer from traumatic injuries to the brain, spine, or other catastrophic injury or death.   

Dan is a client's #1 choice at a time of need, advocacy, professionalism, and dedicated service. Traumatic brain injuries can be one of the most devastating injuries an accident victim may endure, as damage to the head and/or the spinal cord could lead to lifelong issues that require long-term care and rehabilitation. If you or a family member suffered a concussion, a skull fracture, or sustained some other brain injury in a collision or sporting accident. In that case, I provide the representation you need to recover an appropriate compensation amount that allows you to move forward with your life.  

What are Dan's TBI qualifications?  

Dan was past Chair of the Brain Injury Association of America, President of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana, Brain Injury Alliance of Indiana, and serve on the Villa Licci Board providing residential services to TBI victims.   

Results matter .... 

Before retaining an attorney, it is important to inquire about the types of cases and experiences resulting in monetary jury verdicts or settlements.  Several of Dan’s representative cases above $1,000,000 are as follows: 

 ·       $10,000,000 – Pedestrian struck by the highest corporate officer at a bar 

 ·       $5,750,000 – Anoxic brain injury at birth 

 ·       $4,250,000 – Defective product resulting in burn injuries 

 ·       $3,950,000 – Developmentally challenged adult wandered off-premises and suffered injury 

 ·       $2,070,000 – Driver overserved at a professional sporting event 

 ·       $1,750,000 – Inadequate security case resulting in multiple gunshot wounds 

 ·       $1,300,000 – Dog bite 

 ·       $1,250,000 – Retrograde amnesia in Vehicle sideswipe 

 ·       $1,250,000 – Statutory cap on Indiana medical malpractice cases 

 ·       $1,000,000 – Rear-end crash with brain injury 

 ·       $1,000,000 – Commercial Vehicle following too closely struck vehicle on an interstate 

 ·       $1,000,000 – Multiple sexual assault cases 

 What qualifications do I need in my attorney? 

 ·       Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy 

 ·       Tried 30 or more trials to verdict 

 ·       Martindale Hubbell Rated – AV Preeminent 

 ·       Member, Best Lawyers of America 

 ·       Superlawyer designation for 20 or more years 

 ·       Past President of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association 

 ·       President/Chair of a national Brain Injury Association such as the Brain Injury Association of America 

 ·       Published extensively, lectured nationally 

 ·       Highest client satisfaction rating 

 ·       Pro bono and public Board of Directors service     

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If you or a family member in Indiana sustained a traumatic brain injury, trust 30+ years of experience from the  Indianapolis firm, Daniel S. Chamberlain, P.C. Please call Dan at 317-549-5454 or contact online to schedule a free consultation.