Medical Malpractice

Posted by Dan

Dan was a pleasure to work with! Very thorough and always kept me informed about the case, I had a chance to work with him over a few years' time and honestly he couldn't have handled anything better. Highly recommend his services to anyone.
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1 of 2 BEST attorneys EVER!!!

Posted by Laurie

First I would like to apologize for I am not an articulate writer, but I pray that I can do justice in painting the masterpiece portrait of Mr. Daniel S. Chamberlain (aka Sir Dan). He is more than 5 stars...Sir Dan is a million star+ attorney!! I know people are thinking "An attorney that good, Impossible!". Well...I have had to deal with way too many attorneys/lawyers in my 54yrs of life and NEVER found one that I felt a like or trust for-UNTIL a horrific accident brought Sir Dan into my life. I thank God everyday for sending me a Guardian Angel disguised as Dan Chamberlain. You see, I had trust issues when it came to attorneys and Sir Dan was no exception, but his persistent personality overcame ALL of my skepticisms and made me believe that truly genuine and caring attorneys DO exist (AND I thought that was an IMPOSSIBLE feat)!! Dan Chamberlain is a very professional, articulate and dedicated attorney. His vast knowledge and impeccable work ethic are just a few more of his endearing qualities. Dan has the ability to take all the legal verbiage and convey it in a way that you understand it and you feel empowered to make informed decisions. He was so thorough and worked so diligently that NO stone was left unturned and NO avenue left undiscovered. Dan Chamberlain made a terrible accident less traumatic with his compassion, empathy and positive attitude. He was always just a phone call away with emotional support beyond measure. QUALITIES I would use to describe Dan Chamberlain are: Professional Compassionate Dedicated Diligent Caring Determined Personable Knowledgeable Experienced Thorough Trustworthy Confident Amiable Articulate EXTREMELY GENUINE and yes, Funny. Finally-- If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney with the above qualities and his expertise--YOU could NEVER be in better hands than those of Mr. Daniel S. Chamberlain. I trust him with me and my family's life. Thank you and Bless you Sir Dan and Dave.

Tripped over an obstacle

Posted by Pamela

Dan did a great job getting my medical Paid for and the “pain and suffering” Having broken my hand after tripping on a Comsat block used to hold a door open.
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Brain damage

Posted by Lesa

Dan, is a excellent attorney he fought for my daughter an was very successful.
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Dan Chamberlain

Posted by Valorie

Dan did a fantastic job helping our family through a very difficult time. He was attentive to our concerns, as well as compassionate and responsiveness to our current and future needs. We were very pleased with his work and would recommend Dan to our family and friends.
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Business owner

Posted by Liz

Dan Chamberlain represented my husband & me on the very complicated & nuanced NFL concussion litigation. Understanding the settlement language and qualifying diagnoses was very difficult & confusing; Dan streamlined the process and walked us through everything. He’s incredibly bright, patient, knowledgeable and empathetic to his clients. We found him to be very focused and tenacious when it came to our individual case. He treated my husband with the utmost decency and respect as we churned through the unwieldy claims process. His steady hand and strategic planning resulted in our claim being paid out. We received an award due to Dan’s tenacity and ability to stay the course in very difficult circumstances.

Highly recommend

Posted by Adam

Dan did an excellent job of representing me and was very thorough in his process of moving my case forward to conclusion. Despite my own anxiety, at times, Dan was very good at being supportive while staying focused on the goal.
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Expert consultant

Posted by Diana

My husband was seriously injured in an automobile accident that was no fault of his own. He was airlifted to a major trauma center and eventually recovered thanks to good medical care. Upon our request to identify potential legal remedies, Attorney D. Chamberlain of Indianapolis, Indiana responded rapidly by securing a competent attorney in South Carolina. Mr Chamberlain was understanding, kind and explained the legal process to us and provided us with various options. The two worked as a team and secured a surprisingly very positive result. I would have no problem referring friends to this attorney.

My defense lawyer

Posted by Sarah

Dan Chamberland is A awesome lawyer whom have been there for me and my family from the time I met him. He is honest , hard working. He made sure he with me every step of the way. He is one lawyer whom I would recommend to any one who is in need of a lawyer.
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Dan is the man.

Posted by Susie

Dan is an excellent advocate for my son. When I called Dan he was there within the hour and has been there for my son ever since. His professionalism is without reproach. I don't know what I would have done without Dan's help and support during the whole legal process. When ever i call to talk to Dan he is always there to answer any questions or just give moral support. We could not have found a better lawyer or a lawyer to take the time needed for our case.

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